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Synectics is usually classified as a Creative Problem-Solving (CPS) Technique along with Brainstorming and Lateral Thinking. The term “Synectics” has its origins from the Greek language and means the combining of different and supposedly irrelevant elements.This problem solving methodology inspires thought processes that the subject might not be aware of. Though Synectics is a trademarked name, it has turned into a standard word for delineating Creative Problem Solving that takes place in groups.

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In the beginning, following the invention of bulletproof glass, a trade off happened.

Though the glass would prevent the bullet from entering, the former would crack to such an extent that the vision of the pilot or driver behind the glass would be obscured.

There are six stages in the Osborn-Parnes process of creative-problem solving.

Here, the six stages are described with two examples of questions for some of the stages, to stimulate your thinking.

When describing the Osborne-Parnes process of Creative Problem Solving, one can think of no less than four models. In the linear model, each of the six stages of the Creative Problem Solving process is represented by a diamond shape.

This shape signifies first, generating or diverging options, followed by a selection of a refreshed focus and then, moving on. Visually, this indicates authorization to enter not solely at the first stage (as was the case in the 1970s model), but at any stage of the process.

It is so simple to move your attention away from the aim and to come up with answers to the incorrect problems. Our mind detects ‘conceptual blocks’ that comprise hurdles such as commitment, complacency, compression, and constancy.

These hinder us from thinking creatively and developing fresh concepts or ideas. You have selected the best probable solution that is both actionable and satisfies the requirements for success.

It outlines the three key phases and charts the thinking processes utilized for each.

You can see the diamonds remain, the three key focus points join in fluid colors with the beginning point varying with the situational requirement.


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