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Pull your tagalongs or your thin mints out of the box and figure out how many remainders you'll be allowed to eat!This worksheets combine basic multiplication and division word problems. These worksheets require the students to differentiate between the phrasing of a story problem that requires multiplication versus one that requires division to reach the answer. These workshes mix addition, subtraction, multiplication and division word problems. You can view them on-screen, and then print them, with or without answers.

These worksheets will test a students ability to choose the correct operation based on the story problem text.

One way to make a word problem slightly more complex is to include extra (but unused) information in the problem text.

Word problems are often a source of anxiety for students because we tend to introduce math operations in the abstract.

Students struggle to apply even elementary operations to word problems unless they have been taught consistently to think about math operations in their day to day routines.

) you'll know what kind of math we've been practicing...

These worksheets are primarily division word problems that introduce remainders.

Make sure your student reads the entire problem first.

It is very easy to start reading a word problem and think after the first sentence or two that 'I know what they're asking for...' and then have the problem take an entirely different turn.

This is a very common class of word problem and specific practice with these worksheets will prepare students when they encounter similar problems on standardized tests.

The math worksheets on this section of the site deal with simple word problems appropriate for primary grades.


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