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The Problem-Solving Approach A big part of management consulting involves taking a strategic approach to problem-solving.

The Problem-Solving Approach A big part of management consulting involves taking a strategic approach to problem-solving.By exploring all angles to a particular challenge, consultants are able to provide more useful and practicable solutions to their clients.

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There are some very common misconceptions and myths about analytical problem solving.

Most candidates simply skim over this phrase on consulting profiles without thinking about the meaning.

Being analytical refers to the way you think and not to the problem you solve. Lawyers, social scientists, linguists and historians can all be extremely analytical in their thinking. So the problem is not what determines if you are analytical, it is the way you solve the problem. Can you assemble data and facts to develop an argument or line of reasoning?

Analytical thinkers can take pieces of information, compare them and decide what the information is saying.

They can assemble the information to produce new insight into the problem rather than simply restating the information. Assuming your answer is even correct, the fact that you knew the answer means you did not need to analyse the facts.

Therefore, your analytical problem solving skill could not be tested. There is a misconception that if your reasoning lacks numbers than it must be incorrect. In many case interviews you will need to reason based on logical arguments and with very little numbers.

Thousands of candidates with quantitative backgrounds fail to get offers from Mc Kinsey, Bain and BCG every year. Are you able to reason using only the facts provided? Analytical problem solving means reasoning using facts and logic.

Therefore, having a quantitative background can be an advantage, but it does not guarantee analytical problem solving ability. It always surprises us how many people do not know what is a hypothesis. Past experience or opinions which cannot be substantiated are ignored.

Logical thinkers apply MECE, even if they do not know it.

I have some impressive friends in the legal profession. When you ask them how they arrived at an answer or why they eliminated an option, you realize they are applying the rules of MECE perfectly. Reason and logic is not exclusive to management consulting, but is it essential to management consulting.


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