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Also, it is much easier to change things or take your tutor’s advice at an early stage rather than later.Once you have started writing your essay then the amount of help the tutors can give you is very limited.The coursework below were written by students to help you with your own studies.

PART C TMA03 PART A Throughout Block 2, people receiving care share their life stories.

Why are such accounts important and what do workers need to be aware of in encouraging people to talk about their past lives?

You cannot submit your final NEA for marking unless your tutor has already seen at least 4 Tutor-marked assignments, as well as a plan and a draft, but this does not mean that you cannot start work on your NEA before you have completed 4 TMAs or that you have to wait until you come to the NEA section in the course. Also please be very much aware that 4TMAs will only be a small percentage (about 20%) of the course material that you have to cover.

There is no way that you can get a respectable mark if these are the only TMAs that you complete as you will not be familiar with the majority of your course.

Students of history find themselves in classes that are reading and writing intensive.

They hone their thinking ability as they encounter diverse views of historical development to implement methods and theories used in analyzing and understanding the past.

History students do far more than names and dates, for they must come to their own conclusions about the forces that have shaped humanity as well as the significance of historical events.

The study of history offers students the ability to develop important intellectual skills.

Please also note that a discussion on the telephone, even if you have to take notes, is likely to be much more useful than emailing in the planning stages.

When you have discussed things fully with your tutor, developed your ideas and formulated a plan, you should show this to your tutor for their input.


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