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The healthy, physically active student is more likely to be academically motivated, alert, and successful....[tags: Exercise, Education, Physical education] - From prehistoric times, stamina and strength were key to man's ability to find food and survive.In my eyes technology in physical education is a very effective way to improve students physical fitness in and outside of the classroom....

In a writing class you may judge the quality by the way the students construct their sentences.

But in a physical education class the best way to judge the quality of teaching is translated into the amount of fun the class is having.

Physical Education (abbreviated "PE") is definined as the process of education that develops the human body, specifically fitness and movement skills. [tags: PE, Physical Education, history, ] - How would the quality of teaching for a physical education class be judged.

In a math class, you might judge the quality by how fast the students can comprehend the material being taught.

Certain teaching styles will work best in this environment.

From the book The Spectrum of teaching styles, From Command to Discovery, written by Muska Mosston, he explains that there are a variety of teaching styles....

It also helps students to make informed choices and understand the value of leading a physically active lifestyle.

The benefits of physical education can affect both academic learning and physical activity patterns of students.

Educators recognize that a group of students, those who identify as transgender, require our attention to ensure that they have an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of participating in physical education and athletics in a safe and respectful climate.

- There are many ways technology is used in physical education in schools today.


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