Phd Thesis Mistakes

As examiners, all we know is what is printed on the pages you submit – so if you don’t tell us, we don’t know. And even if you found a better, more perfect measurement tool when it was too late for you to use it, it doesn’t matter – you made choices based on the best information available to you at the time, and those are what you describe.

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Sophie is a Ph D candidate working on Early Modern Literature at the University of Warwick.

Some people suggest reading it aloud to yourself, partly to be sure it makes sense, and partly to check sentences are not too long. Examiners are not impressed by flowery, verbose use of language. It will accept ‘through’ when you mean ‘thorough’, ‘pneumatic’ when you mean ‘pneumonia’ and so on.

Your institution will have basic rules on font, spacing, margins, structure, word limit. The maximum word limit is exactly that – it is a limit, not a target. Some mistakes will inevitably slip through, but do your very best not to let them.

For example: That being said, don’t be too afraid of putting them into action: the humble semicolon is a really useful tool in your stylistic toolbox for crafting arguments.

In His Essays And Lectures Ralph Waldo Emerson - Phd Thesis Mistakes

They can also be used to break up lists which have commas in them, for example: Style is, to an extent, a matter of aesthetics.If you stop being a student and don’t want to personally subscribe to the OED, Collins is the only credible, free online dictionary. hyphens are not generally used to create pauses in the line.This is the role of the en dash, that much-overlooked piece of punctuation. The students – tired of bureaucracy – staged a very loud protest.And if it gets too much, remember this quote from novelist Margaret Atwood: “What’s the biggest writing mistake you’ve made in your writing?How have you learnt to overcome ingrained, incorrect writing habits?Be especially vigilant in the Abstract, and the first pages.First impressions are as important in writing as they are in meeting people.This is probably the most abused piece of punctuation in the English language!Mostly, words can be separated or joined and don’t need a hyphen; Check on the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) if you’re not sure.Undergraduate students are not allowed into the library!The undergraduates are on the receiving end of a pretty forceful command.


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