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There is no right or wrong way to write an obituary for your pet.The goal is to put something down on paper – or computer – to memorialize your beloved animal, and your relationship.

Readers may not want to hear about your dog, but they definitely want to know if Johnny Depp has a dog and how the famous pooch lives. Chances are you know what type of articles these magazines publish and what subjects the magazines have not covered recently.

If you haven’t been paying attention, now is the time to start.

This means that you could make anywhere from $50 to $1,200 for an article depending on its length and the pay scale. Whatever you do, do not send an editor an article idea about your own pet.

Pet magazine editors are absolutely deluged with personal stories about the best dog, cat or hamster ever.

The next step is taking a trip to the library or surfing the Internet.

Take a look at what magazines are available on pets and spend some time examining them.You may be surprised to discover that the national directory of magazines for the United States lists over 18,000 magazines.Some of these magazines focus specifically on animals and pets, which makes them great markets.However, pet magazines are just a piece of the market.A little creativity can go a long way in pet writing.How about the new night club downtown for dogs and their owners?Do you know someone famous who has a unique pet or a pooch that they absolutely adore?No memory is too small or insignificant; it is the tiny, intimate details that many people miss most.You can do this individually, or together with other family members or friends. You can make your obituary as high tech (all computerized) or as low tech (handwritten) as you choose, but I do recommend that you print out a copy if you write something on the computer, so that you have something tangible and real, rather than solely virtual.Jot down any story ideas that come to mind or any sections of the magazine that you think would be a nice fit for your writing.Another option is to spend an afternoon in or another book superstore in your area with a large magazine section.


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