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Packages of six to 10 consultations may be available at a discount to parents who want guidance throughout the admissions process.She also holds two-hour workshops for small groups for a flat 0 per hour fee.(While schools don't publicize their acceptance rates, "in some select schools, it can be as few as 5% of the number of families requesting applications," Shapiro says.

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In that market, according to Shapiro, the preschool application timeline should look something like this.

And do read on, because below she offers tips for every parent on how to know if a school is a good fit for your child.

Try preschool in Manhattan (or many other big cities.) From $12,000 a year for five mornings at a neighborhood daycare (call it your toddler's "safety" school), to up to $40,000 at preschools that are part of elite private elementary schools, these fees won't just blow your budget, they'll blow your mind.

But many parents pay for a school somewhere on that spectrum because they have to—there are few other options, unless you want to homeschool.

Myth 3: If your kid doesn't get into the right preschool, game over. “The one thing I find the hardest to convince parents of is that preschool is not going to determine the ongoing school your child gets into. What a Good Coach Can Do Every exclusive club has its own lingo and traditions, and big-city preschools are no exception; a good preschool admissions coach can translate them for you.

“Parents will ask me, ‘What is  Montessori, really? But it's not all Montessori, there’s also  Reggio Emilia and all the other philosophies, plus 'traditional' versus 'progressive,' play-based versus structured schools.  Schools tend to describe themselves using this vocabulary, as if somehow parents are going to magically know what they’re talking about—or have some obligation to know what they’re talking about," Shapiro says. ” Great coaches also save time by clarifying what’s really important in a preschool.

“People were telling them that you have to sign your kid up for preschool before they are born, which is completely not true." Given that, we asked Shapiro to tackle the other biggest fairy tales in the preschool admissions game: Myth 1: Consultants can get your child into a particular school. “Parents sometimes come to me with a school or a group of schools that they want their child to go to, thinking that I’m going to get them in. It’s not in anybody’s interest to try to [game the system]," Shapiro says. In other words, some court calmer children while others want active toddlers to keep things lively, Shapiro says.

It's important for parents to be realistic about what will make for the most supportive environment for their kids.

“I try to set parents up with a list of enough of the schools that they really want,” Shapiro says.

“So people get to a point where they really believe that there’s not only one school where they can be happy.” And yes, there really are parents who feel like this.


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