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These are mostly paper collages even though I do know that assemblages are part of collage I do not cover that here.

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I loved the beginning of the activity where we got to rip and glue and paint.

The second part, where I had to figure out how to get abstract ideas onto a canvas was not so much fun for me.

To make the small circles I used hole punchers and the containers below to trace and cut out the larger circles.

I chose the few different green shades for my collage but, of course you can do any colors and papers you like.

I then decided that I will use them to collage a car and placed the car near my page to copy.

I did not draw it under the place I was going to collage as I was not trying to make an exact replica, just followed the basic shape.

I also used some of the cut outs that the punches came from.

As I moved along I realized that using only those 2 colors made it a bit dull so I chose the complementary color of orange to add some more vibrancy.

A neighbor of mine came in while I was working so I sat her down to make her own collage using the grid technique.

This friend is one that is always telling me how uncreative she is yet the image on the right is what she came up with.​ I know you can barely see it but, the image below on the left is a journal page that has these white shapes collaged onto them.


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