Organised Crime Essay

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Numerous security studies, military and law enforcement seminars thoroughly debated the evolving threat of transnational organized crime or terrorism, but the important links between the two were hardly made.

It was due to the fact that organized crime and terrorism are typically viewed as two different forms of crime because the main objective of organized crime is to gain economic profit while terrorism is an act that is motivated by ideological aims and a desire for political change (Bovenkerk and Chakra, 2015).

Also, as with most collections, there are some essays here that seem more focused on the topic, and that offer more insight than others.

It is unlikely to overturn the popular narrative, but then few serious history books ever do.

Generally speaking the essays support the case, though Wisam Mansour’s on the tale of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves as an allusion to crime in medieval Baghdad is pushing the limits.

So too is Frances Berdan’s study of crime in pre-conquest Mexico, which asserts that the Aztec system was too short-lived for any serious organised crime to develop.Kelly Hignett and Arne Bialuschewski are on safer ground with their respective studies of border peoples in Central and Easter Europe in the early modern period and the pirates of the late seventeenth and early eighteenth-century Atlantic world.In both instances, at least at some point in their history, the people involved were sanctioned by states.After the Cold War and the consequent decline in state sponsorship for terrorism, the use and imitation of organized crime approaches has been an important factor as methods to generate profits for terrorist groups and equally, organized crime has adopted terrorist methods of violence.Organized crime is generally focused mainly on economic profit, acquiring material benefits and obtaining as much of an illegal market share as possible, by the use of severe wrongdoings such as Drug trafficking, fraud, violence etc. Whilst terrorism motivated primarily by ideological purposes and by a desire for political change, by the use of violence, in the form of hijacking, bombing and other criminal acts.While contemporary American movies contribute to world-wide beliefs about organised crime, it is worth remembering that one of the greatest ever thrillers of the cinema – Fritz Lang’s while making his film.A large number of police officers, businessmen and other highly respectable individuals also had dealings with this association that appears to have enjoyed its heyday in Weimar Germany.Gerspacher offers a speedy journey through police co-operation from the worries about mid-nineteenth-century revolutionaries, through turn of the century anxieties over anarchists and white slavers, to the modern war against transnational crime and terror.As with most collections of this sort the intention here was ambitious.Crime and terrorism are critical issues for security officials and investigators all around the world.Earlier, the problems of organized crime and terrorism were considered as separate phenomena but after horrified incident of September 11th attacks, researchers have started linking these two as terrorized occurrence (Shelley et al., 2015).


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