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Or you may have had a writing course or two or even a bunch, and you're still not sure what you need and what works.Or you may feel you know what you need, but how can you tell if that's what you'll get from any particular course? What's the best measure of a course's effectiveness?(Click here for student successes and endorsements.) Jerry Cleaver is the author of St. Your work is never passed on to instructors, students, or other struggling writers with no proven track record of successful coaching. Email or call any time for help with any writing problem. Whether it's help with your story or yourself, don't sit there and suffer. Help finding your subject, setting goals, and dealing with any other writing problems to insure you're not working against yourself and setting yourself up for failure with unrealistic expectations. You'll have an entire month to work with Jerry and write as much as you like while getting all the coaching and personal guidance he'll be giving you throughout the course.

And that can only be measured by the accomplishments of the students who have taken that course.

What are the accomplishments of those who have taken THE COMPLETE STORY writing course and worked with Jerry Cleaver?

Plenty of writers of average intelligence are making lots of money writing mediocre stories. You don't have to know how to play the piano or paint a portrait to get along in the world, but you'd better understand yourself, how people work, how the world works if you're going to make it in this life.

In fact, if you've survived this long, you have at least 10 novels in you.

What I do instead is to give you the tools (story craft and technique) plus the coaching and guidance you need to make it work.

We work together from the Story Builder & Coaching Manual, laying out your story, step by step, beginning to end, going over what the story is about, who the characters are, what part each plays, where the story starts, where it goes, how it goes, where it ends, how it ends, etc, making sure it's set up right and has the dramatic momentum to carry it through to a fulfilling ending.

Or if you decide not to sign on at any time before the 30 days, just notify Jerry then return the materials for a complete refund plus postage.

You haven't taken a class because you're not sure where to turn or what to do first.

You can use a story you have yet to write, are writing, or have written already. If you don't have an idea, we work on finding one you like.

The truth is, and this is the single most important truth of all: If your story is set up well with the right forces at work, the writing takes care of itself.


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