One Flew Over The Cuckoo Nest Essay

She did her best to try and persuade the men to stay.

She cut out articles of people dying, crashing in ship wrecks and how terrible the weather was and put them on the bulletin board to scare the men so they wouldn’t go. Mc Murphy needed one more person, after he signed up the Chief he made a deal with George that if he came he could be captain of the ship, so George came.

He got them doing things they may have never done in their whole life, and they loved him for that.

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He got money and most of their cigarettes from gambling, and he was even making a profit from taking them on the fishing trip. But as Harding says, they don’t mind him getting some money, it is worth it for them. Her second moment is when Mc Murphy realizes that he is one of the only people committed and he gives up.

Mc Murphy does do stupid, little things to keep the power such as, punching through the glass twice, and breaking it again with the basketball.

He walked around the room shaking hands, introducing himself to everyone, even the chronics.

He taught the acutes how to play cards and he taught them to gamble.

But then Mc Murphy had two girls that were suppose to come with cars, but only one showed up.

The nurse thought that she had won, and she had, until the doctor offered his car and services if he could come to even when the nurse told him not to. She points out to the men that Mc Murphy always seems to get something out of doing things for the men.


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