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I read the RLT model at home and started to think about the different factors that could affect my own activities of daily living (ADL) to conceptualise the model.

Therefore, I was more confident during discussion sessions and was finding it easy to work with the tutorial scenarios.

INTRODUCTION FEELINGS EVALUATION ANALYSIS CONCLUSION ACTION PLAN INTRODUCTION It was hot afternoon in the regional hospital in which I was doing my placement.

It was my first day of placement I had been in the doctor’s lounge, waiting for my superior- the one under whom I would be working.

For example, a person health might be affected because of limited health services available.

Similarly, an individual might have financial crises which could be causing stress and subsequently poor mental health. The Roper–Logan–Tierney (1996) model of nursing as a tool for professional development in education. doi: 10.1016/s1471-5953(03)00074-x Vermeir, P., Vandijck, D., Degroote, S., Peleman, R., Verhaeghe, R., & Mortier, E. The feedback helped me to realise that I had to do more research and readings about the RLT model. The Impact of Stigma in Healthcare on People Living with Chronic Illnesses. Personally, I think I did not contribute as much as other peers did. On the other hand, I will continue to improve my clinical reasoning capacity by continuous reflection of my practice and research. I was intrigued to know that the individual health is just not affected by personal behaviours, instead, there are number of other influences which might improve or deteriorate health.Coming to the end of week7, I felt much confident about the concepts.Thirdly, nurses have to show respect and uphold human dignity at all times (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia [NMBA], 2016) and must understand the importance of patient needs along with medical treatment for recovery process (Williams, 2017). For example, nurses should understand and respect the decision of an elderly taking shower in afternoon instead of morning. Reflective Essay: Weeks 5,6 & In this reflective essay, I am going to reflect on my learning experience in week 5, and 7.This piece of essay will incorporate Gibb's reflective cycle throughout the essay.This leads to futile treatment and the person might never recover.Secondly, I learnt that we always have to have holistic approach when caring for patients (Pelaccia et al., 2013).


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