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It is important that students seek help from their Maths teacher early in the week. We can reset passwords immediately, directly from the website. A password reset can also be requested via the website.

All the hard work has paid off and Henbury students have done us proud. We assess the completeness of all homework based on the effort. · The pass rate has changed from 90% to 80% to relieve the stress students said they felt.

Thanks to all your support at home, we are now set up fully and ready to improve further. · Cycle 1 topics will be revisited to build up one of the most important skills for success, recalling something previously learned. Whilst the Hegarty videos explain methods very clearly, there will be times when students struggle.

From research we learn that: • Homework should be part of an effective partnership between the school and parents in pursuing the aims of the school • Homework should consolidate and reinforce skills and understanding, especially in literacy and numeracy • Homework should exploit resources for learning, of all kinds, at home • Homework should extend school learning, for example through additional reading • Homework should encourage pupils as they get older to develop the confidence and self discipline needed to study on their own, and preparing them for the requirements of secondary school We recognise the need for children to have the time to follow out of school interests and family activities and time allocations allow for these important things to take place.

For students who need additional support to help them build their numeracy skills more quickly, we use a number of intervention strategies including Numeracy after school clubs where a range of workbooks , small group work , games and interactive activities are used to build Numeracy skills.

18-19 Pages In 2017, the school worked with parent council on a consultation regarding homework.

This was amidst growing concern regarding the amount of homework.My Maths games are an ideal way of motivating pupils to consolidate their maths skills while developing an enjoyment of maths.Each game is tailored to engage pupils, provide a little bit of fun, and a lot of practice to develop fluency.For practice sheets, number games and more, try our downloads on addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, times tables, shapes and telling the time.From area to word problems, The School Run's primary-school numeracy glossary offers a complete guide to all the maths concepts children are taught in EYFS, KS1 and KS2.Try a Short Division lesson Homework questions are randomly generated to provide limitless practice and instant marking provides immediate feedback for pupils and teachers.Results can be seen within the My Maths Assessment Manager, with a traffic light system which allows teachers to see, at a glance, whether a student is on track to reach their goal.The Assessment Manager is a powerful management system teachers can use to track individual pupils’ progress, monitor and assess classes, allocate specific curriculum-matching work, and leave comments to encourage pupils.The handy traffic light system is a quick way to review if pupils are on track reach their goal.When a student has not completed their Maths homework to the required standard – We would expect to see that the video has been watched and that notes have been taken as a minimum.They must attend a catch up session in R08 on Tuesday from 3- 4pm.


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