Norm Violation Assignment

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I have never done this before, and I very well know that doing such an act can have abnormal reciprocation from public.

As I got a place to sit in the bus, I decided I would slowly start to enact violating the social norm of talking to self.

Further, while at a friend's place, I insisted that we watch a particular cartoon program her four year-old son was watching.

However, it is important to note that while some factors conspired to make the task in this case difficult, others made it relatively easy for me to undertake the entire exercise.

This is because bus is a social atmosphere which gives a profound impact on others and self.

The reaction I can get from a bus is not possible from a train or an airplane.

The bus was more occupied by students of different age and teachers who were young, middle -aged and old.

I being a student entered the bus casually and was noticed average by all, and I proceeded to stand in a corner of the bus.

Introduction Norms largely remain unnoticed although they underlie almost everything we do.

By violating these norms, we can easily prove that indeed they do exist.


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