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Today, we should all be more critical of our information sources, but it doesn’t seem we are, especially when we agree with them.I wondered if my students would be able to identify the different types of articles in my own social media feeds, so I made a Google form survey as a pretest.

Today, we should all be more critical of our information sources, but it doesn’t seem we are, especially when we agree with them.I wondered if my students would be able to identify the different types of articles in my own social media feeds, so I made a Google form survey as a pretest.

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“A well-rounded education must provide genuine learning opportunities that teach students to curate their own sources of information, find solutions to the issues they encounter in that information, and make compelling arguments for those solutions” (Olsen 94).

I wanted my students to be empowered by their research to suggest a path forward for society.

After annually assigning a five-page persuasive research paper to my freshman English students for the past 15 years, I recently noticed a change in their approaches to writing and research.

Increasingly, their arguments became filled with fallacies, their viewpoints were more extreme, and their sources included highly-biased articles, as well as websites that were not credible.

Looking for an answer to these problems, I changed the assignment to include instruction on media literacy and the objective of the essay to present two main sides of an issue.

In addition to requiring that varying perspectives be represented, I asked my students to search for consensus among viewpoints and to draw their own conclusions based on their research.Students still have access to these sites on their smartphones with internet providers, but teachers might not be able to pull them up on a screen in front of the classroom to use them in lessons on media literacy.Teachers can, however, access social media sites from home and use screenshots captured from a news feed to show in a classroom.The traditional persuasive research paper contributes to the fractured society we have today.Instead, we should encourage students to see the whole picture in order to understand various perspectives on an issue.But to be empowered, students need to use valid sources.In turn, my instruction had to begin with research and critical reading skills. teens in March through April of 2018 found that 95 percent have access to smartphones, and 45 percent say they are online almost constantly.Seventy-seven percent incorrectly identified it as “fake news” while 23 percent were correct.Freshmen often don’t know the definition of satire and don’t recognize it, but after providing Oxford’s definition as “the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues,” they did a better job with the second post I showed them, an Teens are easily deceived into thinking publications that look like news articles are truthful. Probst’s new definition of nonfiction from their book “Nonfiction is that body of work to which the author purports to tell us about the real world, a real experience, a real person, an idea or belief” (21).In assigning persuasive research papers, we teach students to acknowledge the opposition only to be able to negate that opposing viewpoint.The Common Core asks teachers to “English Language Arts Standards”) but we limit our students when we use only the persuasive research paper to cover the Common Core’s standard of supporting a claim.


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