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The ability to buy cheaply, sell dearly and minimize costs across the board gives businesses an edge that allows them to create vast amounts of wealth for those with a stake in the business or corporation, but at what cost.Multinational corporations create great deals wealth but they propagate social and cultural inequality, poverty and environmental damage at rates to rival their gains.For developing countries to eradicate the negative impact of MNCs there is need to revisit their political and economic objectives.

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Although the multinational firms seem to be helping the Mexico economy, they also harm the domestic firms....

[tags: Multinational Corporations (MNCs)] - Regional Trade Agreements and Global trade liberalization are common terms that are used to analyze different market structures in the market.

According to international economics, RTAs (Regional Trading Agreements) are the agreements in which members give each another privileged treatment with respect to the extent by which the trade barriers have been established.

On the other side, Global Trade liberalization is a general term referring to the depletion of trade boundaries globally to ensure free trade among all state....

The ability of Multinational corporations to shape demand patterns undermine the ability of developing nationals to purse national and international objectives.

This is because they can impact the lives of people and set policies of governments.MNCs establish subsidiaries in other countries where cheap labor and raw material is readily available.There have been a lot of debates on the effects of MNCs on developing countries.As most of the firms increase in size in developing nations, they locate capital investment in production facilities where operational costs are low.Many economic experts feel that MNCs are exploiting developing nations in a context that rotate around the mode of function of these monopolies and the impact of their activities on the domestic economy of these nations.Global competition is a key factor that influences the nature of operation of MNCs as it pressures production technique in order to remain competitive.China, Indonesia and India are some of the countries that have pushed down wages in order to remain competitive in the market.Most of the multinational corporations tend to centralize high level of decision making occupation in a few cities.These companies tend to develop distinct advantages which can be put into service of world development.Many economists, inspiring investors and local citizens feel that multinational corporations are fond of exploiting developing nations off their resources and many other benefits.MNCs and developing nations are intertwined especially with political economic relationship.


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