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Repeat this exercise like you would in the Three Period Lesson until you are sure the child has got the hang of all three letters. For extra practice or extensions with the sandpaper letters you can use the letters with the Phonics Miniatures and the salt tray.When the child has mastered tracing the letters you can then introduce the pencil and paper.Just want to learn more about Montessori to see if it is right for you?

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The child will hear the sound, see the sound, feel the sound.

As this is the introduction to writing it is very important that the child learns to trace the letter in the correct way.

Remember that the child needs to have strengthened his or her pincer muscles adequately to be able to hold a pencil correctly and for any length of time.

Check out the 50 Fine Motor Muscles Post for ideas to increase pincer muscle strength.

Knowing the name of the letter doesn’t help when you are trying to read!

We also focus on lowercase letters, this is because 93% of what we read and write is written in lower case. Back in my teaching days, I never taught the kids uppercase but by the end of the year they had figured it out and knew all the uppercase letters too.The Montessori classroom provides a large array of materials aimed at guiding the child along this journey.What makes the Montessori approach to reading and writing unique is that the materials have been designed to allow children to proceed at their own pace, independently.The child, therefore, in the Montessori classroom learns to write not by writing, but by performing a number of purposefully structured activities which prepare her both indirectly and directly for facility in handwriting.The child is introduced to the alphabetical symbols by using the Sandpaper Letters.Before starting the Sandpaper letters you should have already introduced the phonic sounds using the sound pouches or similar.The reason that sandpaper letters are use is because children are sensitive to touch and so the sandpaper letters become a multi sensory learning tool, using touch, sound and sight.Usually a basic cursive font is used, the child learns to write the letters free standing first but as they progress it is then easy for them to to ‘joined up’ writing.I am sure if you google this, you will get a zillion hits, quite possibly telling you different things. Use the most common letters first, so the vowels, letters such as m, s and t and I would also add in the letters in the child’s name.Your child will get a real kick and confidence boost when they have mastered their name.As for the rest, it doesn’t really matter, they are going to learn them all eventually.


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