Modern Day Hero Essay

The collection of the various Gilgamesh stories into a single defining text needs to be considered.

The stories existed before they were collected, and their popularity was used to the advantage of the people recording the stories to give them additional meaning (Tigay, 2002).

Any new version is automatically filtered through what we know about Batman, and the “re-imagining” must continue to exist within the same basic space that the character has been in for the cultural memory of its reader.

Batman fans know already what to expect from the story.

When Enkidu dies, Gilgamesh decides to search for the secret of eternal life, only to be told that “the life that thou seekest, thou wilt not find/ When the gods created mankind/ Death they imposed on mankind/ Life they kept in their power” (Jastrow & Clay, 2003, p.12).

As a part god, Gilgamesh had always been striving for a challenge, something that he could be able to test his own strength.For instance, when Ishtar’s advances on Gilgamesh are turned down, she responds by sending the Bull of Heaven to punish him. Ancient peoples needed reasons for why droughts and other catastrophes existed, but they also were demonstrating how they could not be blamed for acting out in petty manners if the gods themselves acted in such a way.Gilgamesh actions are also another way in which the ancient people attempted to explain their behavior.It was the only time he abandoned the quests that he was able to return to his throne and his responsibility and function as a proper king.Gilgamesh was a hero because of his character growth through his story arc.Whereas the shaping of Gilgamesh allowed the authors to give it an additional meaning, the ability to control over his own life turns Batman into a commodity, something meant for consumption.In Frank Miller’s , there was a limit to which Miller felt he could re-imagine Batman and a limit to which the reader would accept from him as a character.When he faced with the fragility of life, he wanted to find a way to escape his own death.Gilgamesh is a character who was lost when attempting to surpass the limitations of his partial humanity.They do not look to Batman to tell them how to act; Batman acts the way he does because that is how the reader wants him to act.Similar to the way how Greek gods display human emotions, gods can be seen in a similar was.


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