Media Impact Essay

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All the information that are contained in knowledge-based television and movies are mostly fact-based.

This means that the public is given facts that they have the option to evaluate for themselves.

This is why whenever we see people playing, say, basketball, we automatically assume that the black athlete would be better than the white one.

Similarly, many television shows, for example Speedy Gonzales, has portrayed the Mexicans to be a lazy.

These have created our sense of what our selves mean to ourselves; how we feel about being a male or a female; which class, ethnicity and race, of nationality we belong to, and of our sexuality; and of “us” and “them.” Perhaps the most important misconception that one can derive from the media is that of the other cultures, and thus makes us form some misinterpreted and false assumptions about people who are from a different culture.

It is by observing the media that we learn how to behave, and how to think, what to feel, believe and fear of people from other cultures.

We find that the youths are most affected by television and movies since they are visual media and almost everyone is exposed to the most because they are very easily available and provides the highest level of stimulation.

Being so visually stimulating, it can also be derived that television and movies have a different kind of effect on the people.

popular girls in high school being rich and fashionable) and these become ingrained in our minds because we are seeing them everywhere.

Thus, images on the television and in movies causes people to form certain ideas, notions, attitudes, and stereotypes towards the people and events around them by presenting what its controllers want us to see and what might not necessarily be the truth.


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