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And, as the saying goes, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Medea is a particular type of personality.She can be better understood if she is compared to two other women who suffer the departure of their beloved in classical mythology.

And, as the saying goes, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Medea is a particular type of personality.She can be better understood if she is compared to two other women who suffer the departure of their beloved in classical mythology.Medea’s response to the desertion of Jason is quite different from the responses of Calypso and Dido to their losses.

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” In the end she decides to murder the children because, having been spurned by Jason, her obsessive nature cannot be denied the use of any available means to hurt him.

The killing by a mother of her children in order to exact revenge on their father, taken within the context of the rationalist ethos of Greek culture, is an act that has great dramatic and great psychological significance.

In her famous monologue that leads up to the decision to destroy her own children the rational Medea contends with the irrational, hate-driven, Medea and it is the latter that has the victory. She feels maternal love for her children and this makes her wish to spare them.

But she also sees them as a possible instrument of revenge on Jason, “Can I consent to let those foes escape from punishment, and incur their mockery?

She is used to imposing her ego on the world through the destructive exercise of power.

Those who know her know this aspect of her personality and fear it.In the Odyssey, when Calypso is ordered by Zeus to release Odysseus, she acquiesces and provides him with a boat.In Virgil’s Aeneid Dido is angry at Aeneas desertion of her, but she turns her aggression inwards and kills herself.Her response is to lash out and attempt to destroy all of his world.The chorus defines mortal man’s “crowning woe” as being the loss of the loss of his children and that is what she brings about for Jason.Dido, a queen, the builder of Carthage, has her world destroyed by Aeneas departure, but she is not possessed by the dark forces that possess Medea and the damage to her ego is turned inwards and culminates in suicide. Throughout the years, the audience vividly observes various social views as expressed by the playwrights. Similar to other playwrights, Euripides uses the theater as a channel to express his social views to other Greeks.She “is a barbarian princess and magician; she is descended from Helios, and she is in possession of certain mysterious powers, or more strictly poisons, which ordinary women know nothing about.” She is, in other words, a barbarian witch.In Greek culture such a character, and the forces and powers that that character makes use of, are associated with things perceived to be antithetical both to reason and to culture itself.Euripides ' play Medea functions as a social commentary to convince the Greeks that their view on the demeaning social status of women is flawed. Look at Medea's first big speech (addressed to the Chorus).


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