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People often notice that their learning style has changed in response to different job demands or changes in their life.learners prefer to take in information by seeing and often process it in pictorial form.However, it’s not usually quite as clear-cut as this since preferences can change over time and as you are required to do different things at work and in life more generally.

The idea of a learning style is that we all have a way in which we prefer to learn.

For example, some people like to sit down and read about a subject while others prefer to get on and have a go at it.

This means that they will often think or remember things in pictures and like to read, see graphs, and use symbols.

learners learn by experience and particularly by tactile exploration of the world. As most parents will testify, it’s not unreasonable to describe very young children as natural kinaesthetics, always wanting to feel something or put it in their mouths!

There is no question that each of us has particular preferences for how we learn.

There is equally little doubt that we all have slightly different things that we are good at, which may or may not be related to our learning style.

A major review study looked at the VAK model of learning styles, and suggested that in order to prove that it was useful in teaching, you would need to have studies that grouped students by learning style, and then taught part of each group in different ways.

There would need to be teaching methods that worked best for each type of learner .

Our page Learning Approaches explains some of the general approaches to teaching and learning.

This page builds on that to discuss two theories of learning styles: one based on Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle and the other based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).


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