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Business topics are a popular focus for online courses.

You can learn how to run a business, manage employees and processes, and design marketing campaigns, all without spending a dime.

MOOCs (massive open online courses) are college-level courses that are published online and are accessible to anyone in the world for free; many come with a certificate of completion that you can put on your resume or share on social media.

MOOCs offer a unique opportunity to learn from industry experts without spending a cent.

Boost your chances of success by only taking one course at a time. You need to be realistic about what you can fit into your lifestyle: A self-paced course might be a better fit than one with a set schedule, for instance.

Make sure to plan out when you can do the work—maybe you could watch videos during your morning bus ride or read course materials just after dinner. It takes serious mental discipline to keep going with a course even when your interest wanes or your lifestyle gets hectic.Get a detailed introduction to the art and science of selling a product.This course will teach you how to position a product, conduct marketing research, consider the impact of competition, and make good promotional decisions.Find a course that suits you on a topic you want to know more about.Some of the most useful courses offer project-based work that will give you something concrete (besides your certificate) that you can show an employer to demonstrate your competence.This course runs for four weeks and includes about three hours of videos; you should expect to spend anywhere from two to four hours a week reviewing course material.Explore the laws and ethical standards that businesses must abide by.This course requires two to four hours of study (which includes watching videos and taking assessments) per week for four weeks.Discover the different roles within the sports and recreation industry, develop leadership skills, and learn how to plan and deliver a sport, fitness, or recreation session focused on your clients' needs.Sign up for online IT certification training through Upskilled and enjoy the flexibility of studying from home at your own pace. Our dedicated support team are standing by to answer your course-related questions.Exploring free online courses with certificates of completion can open up a whole new world of educational and career opportunities.


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