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To observe them with the necessary attention, one must have a sense of life's subtlest manifestations in the human being.This kind of sense must ran through the whole an of education; it must shape the curriculum; it must live in the spirit uniting teacher and pupil.

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In the Collected edition of Rudolf Steiner's works, the volume containing the German texts is entitled, Aufsatze Uber die Dreigleiderung der sozialen organismus und zur Zeitlage 1915-1921 (Vol. This translation has been authorized for the Western Hemisphere by agreement with the Rudolf Steiner Nachlassverwaltung, Dornach, Switzerland.

Bowen-Wedgwood; the translation was revised by Frederick Amrine.

The aims Emil Molt is trying to realize through the Waldorf School are connected with quite definite views on the social tasks of the present day and the near future.

The spirit in which the school should be conducted must proceed from these views.

It is the business of contemporary educators to see this point clearly; but this clear vision can only proceed from a living understanding of the whole human being.

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It is now planned that the Waldorf School will be a primary school in which the educational goals and curriculum are founded upon each teacher's living insight into the nature of the whole human being, so far as this is possible under present conditions.Insightful people are today calling for some form of education and instruction directed not merely to the cultivation of one-sided knowledge, but also to abilities; education directed not merely to the cultivation of intellectual faculties, but also to the strengthening of the will.The soundness of this idea is unquestionable; but it is impossible to develop the will (and that healthiness of feeling on which it rests) unless one develops the insights that awaken the energetic impulses of will and feeling.It is a school attached to an industrial undertaking.The peculiar place modern industry has taken in the evolution of social life in actual practice sets its stamp upon the modern social movement.Yet it is necessary in this case to point our how the best intentions must fail if they set to work without fully regarding those first conditions that are based on practical insight.This, then, is one of the requirements to be considered when the founding of any institution such as the Waldorf School is intended.From this period on, the child's soul becomes open to take in consciously what the educator and teacher gives, which affects the child as a result of the teacher's natural authority.The authority is taken for granted by the child from a dim feeling that in the teacher there is something that should exist in himself, too.Parents who entrust their children to this school are bound to expect that the children shall be educated and prepared for the practical work of life in a way that takes due account of this movement.This makes it necessary, in founding the school, to begin from educational principles that have their roots in the requirements of modern life.


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