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Briana is the content marketing specialist for Bplans.

Briana is the content marketing specialist for Bplans.She enjoys discussing marketing, social media, and the pros and cons of the Oxford comma.

If you know multiple languages, excelled at a certain subject in school, or are good at explaining concepts in a way that is easy to understand, consider starting a tutoring business.

You can specialize in a particular area, depending on your skill set, such as paper writing, languages, math, or test preparation—the list goes on.

While you don’t need a specific degree or training, you’ll need a certain level of skill to get started with this one.

However, if you’re already great at sewing, an alteration business could be a great fit.

However, if the training sounds enjoyable, consider looking into starting a salon or spa business.

There are endless ways that you can help others by starting a nonprofit business. Starting a nonprofit business can be a rewarding life path, as it can enable you to both make money and make a difference.

While it does take licensing to become a massage therapist, starting a massage therapy business can be a great career for someone who enjoys working with people, and making them feel relaxed and peaceful, or helping them manage pain or injury.

Like a massage therapist, you will need a license to be a hairstylist, esthetician, or nail technician.

Consulting firms exist covering a huge variety of topics, from business, to IT, to public relations, and more. Start a social media consulting business, helping businesses leverage their social presence. On the flip side, do you dream of a job that would leave your evenings free—and love a good cup of coffee and a pastry?

Consider starting a coffee shop, a cafe, or a bakery.


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