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"Working with some offshore developer teams can be a disaster because they will take your money and put you through the wringer.Best to start a platform with a technology co-founder, and preferably one who has been with a successful company in the past." Defined Crowd is an AI startup that came out of Microsoft's Biz Spark accelerator and has funding from Amazon's Alexa fund.While pretending to be bigger than you are, building off of your partner and customer base is the best way to shorten investment cycles and grow into the business you want to be."Warm introductions from people those big, well-known brands trust matter.

"Working with some offshore developer teams can be a disaster because they will take your money and put you through the wringer.Best to start a platform with a technology co-founder, and preferably one who has been with a successful company in the past." Defined Crowd is an AI startup that came out of Microsoft's Biz Spark accelerator and has funding from Amazon's Alexa fund.

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But PCMag has interviewed and profiled many innovative startups that have done just that.

We reached out to 10 successful startups and picked their founders' brains about what they've learned while building their companies.

"We landed Uber as our first major commerce partner and Foursquare as our first major publisher partner.

And they championed us, helping us to raise additional funds and secure additional partners.

Button is a mobile commerce startup that has succeeded where most of the startups in the deep linking space have failed over the past few years.

The mobile monetization platform has partnered with applications such as, Jet, Ticketmaster, and Uber to connect apps with brands for seamless mobile transactions and e-commerce purchases."Most VCs invest in 1 percent of the deals that come across their desk.That means, if you’re one of the entrepreneurs pitching them, you need to be prepared to hear 'no' a lot.""Don’t just find your top 5-10 investors and assume 50 percent of them will participate in your round," Milton continued.These startups fall all along the emerging tech spectrum—from artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and drones to healthcare, mobile commerce, security, and even legal cannabis tech.But the tech wisdom and business plan tips they offer could make the difference between an ambitious swing-and-a-miss or the next big startup unicorn.But it is equally important to learn about how and why a company or an idea didn't make it." Baker is a startup known as the "Salesforce of cannabis," bringing CRM and marketing automation software to legal weed dispensaries.The company has raised .5 million and is live in more than 250 dispensaries across 10 states and Canada.Button has also raised more than million in funding.Chris Maddern, co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Button (formerly Head of Mobile Engineering at Venmo), said a key to success is to pretend you're bigger than you are and focus more on running a professional company than creating the ideal "startup culture" environment."Whether it's operating practices, product development, engineering discipline, or external communication efficiency, act like you're a bigger company and watch yourself grow into the efficiencies it gives you," said Maddern.From a successful funding strategy, a .300 batting average and no home runs is worse than a .100 batting average with two homers.""The one piece of advice I always give to budding entrepreneurs is to talk to those whose businesses did not make it," added Trussel."It’s easy to focus solely on folks who are successful, and they will give you lots of important insights and learnings.


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