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However in the 2019 exam there will be no optional questions; all questions will be compulsory.

The 2016, 2017, and 2018 past papers for this module can be found through the university’s Past Exams site. Note that rotating frames are no longer on the syllabus (i.e.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the format of the exam has changed from previous years.

In the revision papers there was a two-section format (part A compulsory, part B two questions from three).

You can also get feedback on your understanding of the work directly from me — please come and see me in my office hour (see “Contact details” below) or send me an email with a question, which I will do my best to answer.

You may download my response to your week 3 feedback at the highlighted link. If you cannot make this time please feel free to contact me to arrange a meeting.Yet there are considerable headwinds: “Although we are bullish on the long-term prospectus of security UAS becoming a normal part of the security offering, we remain cautious as the progress of regulation (particularly in the U. Numerous near-miss incidents and collisions between drones and manned aircraft, as well as increased drone sightings in unauthorized areas, are helping keep security at the forefront of the drone integration conversation.Enter the potential for deploying counter-UAS (CUAS) solutions into the national airspace.’s website in the coming days, we delve into how ground and aerial robotics are fast advancing from R&D facilities and military uses to general security and video surveillance deployments.As the April 2018 installment of the reinforces, the market for security-centric UAS is expected to increase significantly.For that reason it is important that you take notes during the lecture as it is on these that you will be examined.The original version of these notes was originally written by Dr James Montaldi; all credit goes to him.Although Monday is a bank holiday (no tutorial or lecture), there will be an additional session on Wednesday at pm: I will add a link to printed notes corresponding to each lecture after that lecture has taken place.These notes will contain much the same material as the lecture, but will not be an exact copy.Solutions will also be uploaded by part, but each file will only include those questions attempted to date.There are two textbooks recommended for this course.


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