Ibm Case Study Strategic Management

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Metlife gets closer to customers with cognitive help from IBM By using IBM Watson® to help them accomplish daunting tasks like analyzing the flow of claims data, Met Life is gaining an improved ability to compete, lead and win in the marketplace.

Transforming data into actionable insights Camposol is Peru’s leading agro-industrial company.

To help unify operations and harvest fresh business insights, it engaged IBM Services to transform their business by optimizing advanced SAP ERP and SAP HANA solutions.

Ferrovial wanted a collaborative way of working between building modelling processes and enterprise asset management systems.

Rivalry: Stiff competition among a few major players having equal strength and potential. Bargaining Power of Customers: High bargaining power because of stiff competition, and a large number of suppliers offering similar products to choose from.

Case Analysis c Ú      c c Ú    Ú                      c Ú c cccccc c c îable of Contents c   c c    cÚ ÚÚc Úccc  Ú  c c ÚÚ  cÚ   Úccc  ÚccÚ   Úcc   Úc!  Úccc"c !   c #Ú Úcc$c c %cc&c %  c  Úc c   Úcc'c   cc'c   cc'c !· IBM failed to read the industry trends and was still banking on the mainframe business to earn major revenues.It was losing market share in PC and laptop segments, which were growing fast and had tremendous potential.IBM was perceived as a ruthless giant with tremendous growth.Naturally, it was singled out for criticism by the entire industry and the government.A new approach to Dev Ops drives innovation for Nationwide Building Society Innovative, multichannel products and services delivered to customers.A digital transformation accelerated for Nationwide Building Society.By this time, IBM had registered a drop in earnings for the first time.This trend continued, creating various other problems till John Akers was forced to resign in 1993.IBM also attracted anti-trust legislation as a result.IBM lost out once the Personal Computer industry began to boom.


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