How To Solve Problem Figures

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Various diagram sequences are called to test your ability to identify consistent patterns based on deductive, inductive, or abductive reasoning.

Employers use these tests to evaluate problem-solving skills in potential hires.

When applied to psychometric tests, it is when a candidate is able to extract data from multiple sources of provided information and then combine it to form a conclusion that would allow for answering a question.

Deductive reasoning is exactly the opposite of inductive reasoning and is known as “top – down logic”.

Deduction means applying general rules to solve specific problems.

A candidate that has a good deductive reasoning will be able to use a general rule or a knowledge to answer a specific question.These tests will check if you can draw conclusions from the premises, and how quickly it will take you to do so.You will be presented with multiple options, and have to choose which one fits.To do this, you’ll need to view the shapes to find rules which can be applied across the sequence.Like with other psychometric tests, you’ll typically have about one minute per question.Here on our website, you can find all the most popular diagrammatic reasoning tests with guides and tips for solving them.The chances that you’ll have to pass a diagrammatic reasoning test are pretty high.As this is the type of activity you’ll rarely come across in day-to-day life, it’s important to practice beforehand to familiarise yourself with the types of questions you’ll face.We recommend completing our free diagrammatic reasoning test with answers and downloading our diagrammatic reasoning test pdf.In other words, such tests evaluate how good a person is in solving problems relying on logical reasoning.Diagrammatic reasoning tests might seem hard at first sight.


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