How To Solve Math Problems Quickly

Use subdivision to quickly calculate large numbers in your head.

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Quickly calculate a 15 percent tip on any amount by taking the total amount divided by 10 and adding half that number to the result.

For example, 15 percent of $50 = (50/10) (50/10)/2 = $5 $2.50 = $7.50.

If the result is not a whole number but a number with a remainder, ignore the remainder and add 5 to the end of the result.

For example, 2680 x 5 = 2680/2 and then add 5 or 0 -- in this case, 0 -- so the result is 13,400.

The more you practice, the easier it gets to solve any math problem in seconds even in your head.

How To Solve Math Problems Quickly

Michelle Carvo has been writing professionally since 2006, contributing to a variety of websites.Although not all math questions need you to find a pattern, it is how Einstein, Stephen Hawking, and many other prominent minds considered mathematics.For many people, math is a very difficult subject, and a lot of teachers are not able to give students the one-on-one help they may require in order to master math.Memorize and use some important multiplication shortcuts.You can memorize certain patterns in multiplication, such as 5 * 5 = 25, 25 * 25 = 625, 35 * 35 = 1225.Take any number, divide it in half and consider the result.If the number is whole -- such as the number 4 -- meaning that the result has no decimal place followed by additional numbers -- such as 4.443 -- add 0 to the end of your result to get your answer. Maths is a subject where even a less talented student can beat the more intelligent. The reason that you have to practice is that if you don't practice, you will take more amount of time to solve problem because: Practising requires time. Even if you are talented in maths, but you do not do practice, you won't be able to solve problems quickly.That's why you should learn how to solve basic problems in your head.This is done by simply practicing a several different types of problems a few times.


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