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The feast was instituted in 1740 by Bishop Pedro Anselmo Sanchez de Tagle, who prayed that God would “placate his ire and destroy the scorpions and other insects with which this city is inundated.”The scorpion claims an ancient place in Mexican lore.It features in pre-Hispanic artwork of Olmec Indians signifying a midnight sacrifice.He was put in the death cell, where no one had survived a single night because of a monster scorpion.

In recent years, Mexicans have counterattacked on multiple fronts. Cutting-edge Mexican research could even put the scorpion’s venom to work fighting malaria in years to come.

A relentless public health campaign has dramatically reduced the death rate, and a new Mexican-made antivenin serum is so effective that U. Nowhere is the rich and complex scorpion culture as pervasive as in Durango, the northwestern state of which this city is the capital.

“And it’s not dangerous in the good hotels in the city, only in the poor areas and wooden houses.” He says he’s been stung 20 or so times in the 15 years he’s been catching scorpions.

He and brothers Antonio and Alejandro often use a metal rod to stir the rocks and find the scorpions. In an impromptu hunt in the lot behind their house, Enrique found several scorpions hidden in the rotten stump of a maguey plant.

Her older brother almost died as a child from a scorpion sting.

She later moved into a house on a hill overlooking Durango where scorpions thrived. To overcome her fears, Santiesteban began learning about scorpions, gathering facts about the dangers, the symptoms of stings and the safeguards, “so I wouldn’t have to live in such ignorance.

Within half an hour, they’ve trapped 30 of the golden arachnids, whose slender pincers belie the ferocity of their sting.

This species, Centruroides suffusus, can kill a child and inflict vicious pain on adults.

No wonder: About 200,000 people get stung each year, and scores die.

Scorpions, almost unchanged in 450 million years, remain a source of widespread anxiety as well as a serious health scourge.


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