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When you consider that the average high school student has up to 10 subjects to study, resulting in 2 subjects per night, and that often Math, English, and Science often get more than 1 slot, students need to become machine-like to cope.

Added to that are a range of other arguments that derail the schedule myth. Bad vibes Another issue that stems from overloading students is the creation of a negative attitude towards homework.

by Teach Thought Staff & Paul Moss Homework in elementary school has an ‘effect size of zero.’ We’ve written about John Hattie’s seminal aggregation of data on what works in formal education before, including On Data-Based Teaching: 6 Questions Hattie Didn’t Ask But Could Have.

“Homework in primary school has an effect of around zero.

Loss of performance How much work a student has to negotiate is obviously going to have a direct impact on the performance within/on those tasks.

When teachers assign too much work, the students have to make choices about how to disperse their time and attention. Whatever the choice, the compromise inevitably results in a loss of learning potential.

Five to ten minutes has the same effect of one hour to two hours.

The worst thing you can do with homework is give kids projects.

Which task/s should they complete with full commitment? That potential is significant for every student, especially when the compromise above relates to assessment revision.

The number of times that schools set major tests on the same day is incredible, and it results in an inaccurate representation of student performance.


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