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The NMSQT stands for National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test.

The NMSQT stands for National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test.

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The results of this test can influence your college options and maybe even the rest of your life! Scholarships are tied directly to your SATs since colleges receive their national rankings based on test scores.

85% of schools give admittance and money simply on the SAT so the higher the score-the more money you can get!

In truth, there are four reasons students should always write the essay: 1.

It gives a complete profile which doesn’t hurt scholarship opportunities. Some colleges will exempt them from writing classes. If an admissions counselor is on the fence about an application, the essay can be the determining factor. Students who opt-out and receive a great SAT score but later find that the college of their choice requires it, must now go back and retake the entire SAT before they can get to the essay. Receiving a perfect score is simply knowing exactly what the judges are looking for. For grading purposes, the essays will be scanned into a computer and sent to the respective judges electronically. Often these courses contain a lot of busy work that students have to drudge through in afterschool labs.

People who have received perfect scores on the SAT probably skipped several questions, and may have even gotten a few wrong.

However, their raw score was significant enough (that means they got enough questions right) to garner them a perfect SAT score.They look for applicants who have juggled a schedule full of community service and leadership responsibilities along with maintaining a good GPA and stand-out test scores.Students who have a proven track record of involvement and dedication are the most sought-after individuals.If you do well, this one test can not only mean a full-ride, but also free room and board, honors dorms, grad school, etc.It is basically like the SAT so as you are studying for the PSAT, it will prepare you for the SAT. It only counts in your junior year for scholarships, but take it for practice in eighth, ninth and tenth grades.By doing this method, students have several opportunities to take the SAT in exchange for the PSAT and the National Merit Corporation will take the highest score.Students first thought should not be to guess if they don’t know the answer since they have a 75% chance of getting it wrong.Besides their SAT score, the most desirable students are ones who will be an asset at their prospective schools.There are good ones and there are many not-so-good ones.Most prep books have made-up problems that can be irrelevant to the actual SAT and PSAT/NMSQT.Students should only use practice materials from the College Board since they are the test-makers.


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