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Despite the delays and opposition from the conservative Republican majority in Congress, Truman persisted, continuing to send them an ever-increasing number of proposals for progressive legislation.By 1948, the program that had begun as the 21-Points had come to be known as the “Fair Deal.” After his historically unexpected victory over Republican Thomas E.

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A few of the major proposals that were debated, but voted down, included federal aid to education, the creation of a Fair Employment Practices Commission, repeal of the Taft–Hartley Act limiting the power of labor unions, and the provision of universal health insurance.

The conservative coalition was a group of Republicans and Democrats in Congress who generally opposed increasing the size and power of the federal bureaucracy.

In 1945 Germany was divided into four sectors as well as Berlin.

Upon learning that the three allies were planning to merge their sectors into one country and bring it into the Western economy, the Soviet Union imposed a blockade on Berlin.

In his first postwar address to Congress as president, Truman laid out his ambitious “21-Points” legislative program for economic development and expansion of social welfare.

Focused at the time on dealing with rampant inflation, the transition to a peacetime economy, and the growing threat of Communism, Congress had little time for Truman’s social welfare reform initiatives.

His political career started with the election as a judge in Jackson County Court in 1922. During the War World Two he headed Senate’s investing committee, checking the corruption and waste.

In 1944 Truman was asked to become a Vice President of Franklin Roosevelt instead Henry Wallace.

However, such a policy is quite seemingly contradictory.

Is it really possible to not instigate conflict when you’re aiding one side and not the other?


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