Harry Potter Changed My Life Essay

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And anyway, the thinking went, kids weren’t buying their own books.

And anyway, the thinking went, kids weren’t buying their own books.

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In short, it gave the book many more resources than are typically afforded to the average debut novel from an unknown author, and that decision paid off.

But none of Scholastic’s efforts would have mattered in the end if the people who picked up the book hadn’t loved it.

Reviewers wanted to know what kind of book would justify that kind of money. That budget is structured so that elevating the numbers in one category means elevating the numbers in the next category: If you’re going to invest $105,000 just in acquiring a book, you’re also going to pour extra money into marketing, publicity, and production, so that you have a reasonable chance of making that money back.

So Scholastic invested in a lovely hardcover design for to be displayed on the front tables at bookstores, and for ads to appear in the right newspapers and magazines.

In some regions, pressure to censor the series was so high it led to lawsuits: In 2003, a judge ordered an Arkansas school district that had removed the books from schools due to promotion of “the religion of witchcraft” to return them.

Similar formal attempts at removal persisted into the latter half of the decade, and the books continue to rile up conservative religious leaders who warn of its “demonic” influence. Rowling retroactively outed the powerful wizard Dumbledore as gay.But it only started to approach phenomenon levels when Scholastic bought the US publication rights for an astonishing 5,000, about 10 times more than the average foreign rights sale at the time. He just knew that he loved it and wanted to publish it.Scholastic President Barbara Marcus Barbara Marcus “kept saying ‘do you love it?But if you are an adult who can imagine reading for more than one reason (the pleasures of story, the joy of immersing yourself in another world), the reading the books.The Harry Potter series, like many works of fantasy, involves wizardry and witchcraft.But after became an unstoppable cultural force, and it was clear that fans would keep buying the books no matter what, it started to expand.The last four volumes of the series are all doorstoppers that clock in at well over 700 pages each. phenomenon, sales of non-Potter kid lit were increasing by 2 percent a year.All of this controversy speaks not only to concerns that Rowling’s work would negatively influence children, but to the reality that many of those children grew up to be arguably even more progressive than the books they grew up reading — which is, in a way, a confirmation of conservatives’ worst fears about the series.Here are just two of the ways , the accepted wisdom was that kids didn’t have the attention span to read long books.It also makes their eventual death (for some) and trauma (for all) deeply affecting.It’s true that Rowling’s prose is best described as workmanlike and competent; if the reason you read is solely to enjoy perfectly balanced and polished sentences, you may be best served elsewhere.


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