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But just as my luck went I did in fact have another meeting with the convict, but this time my ideas of him changed completely.This was because he protected me so that I wouldn’t get in trouble; I was really overwhelmed by how protective he was, well at least for an alleged convict.Great Expections Part One Review (groupwork) ♠♣♥♦ Character Dickens is famous for the vivid nature of his characters, their often odd names, and their appearance and ways of speaking.

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Out of all of the events that have taken place throughout the time which I have been alive one really stands out to me, the day that I became a gentleman.

It was much unexpected and to be honest with you it felt like a bit of a rushed decision.

Who knew that in this amazing process that I would lose one of my best friends and inspirations? I definitely didn’t, sometimes I even wonder if God had checked what events he had written in my path.

Many memorable events have taken place in my life and I would just like to talk to you today about some of the ones that have been the most unforgettable for me.

However, if you click the image above, you will find the complete text of the novel online to read at any time.

♠♣♥♦ Background Research Context is all-important in this unit.

I know that she is my sister in all but I still think that she deservers every bit of odious that comes her way.

Another moment that really changed my life was the day that I met Magwitch.

Who knew that I would travel from one extreme end of the spectrum to another extreme end and throughout the journey that I would meet amazing people who I would never forget and meet such terribly disturbed people as well?

Who knew that I Pip, a small child would move from having absolutely no social connections what so ever to moving into a business city that revolved around social mobility?


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