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What is a Graduate Assistantship and why on earth should you care?

What is a Graduate Assistantship and why on earth should you care?

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At a minimum, you will need to fill out an assistantship application form, submit a resume, and provide letters of reference or reference contacts for each assistantship.

It could be that the academic program has a completely different set of parameters for their positions (more likely at a large research institution) than the rest of the university has for its assistantships offered through Student Affairs and other divisions.

A university’s own job search engine through the Human Resources website could provide available assistantship opportunities as well.

General search engines might list some opportunities, but you will have more luck with specific search sites.

If so, securing a Graduate Assistantship would basically mean going to school for “free" (that is, if you are all right with working around 20 hours a week to make that happen).

Most assistantships result in your tuition being waived.The quick answer is that you need to be looking for assistantships from the beginning of your graduate school search.Are you starting at the very beginning in seeking out an appropriate institution or program?TAs will assist full professors with teaching undergraduate and sometimes graduate level courses.RAs will supplement research efforts taking place by the faculty in various academic departments.In writing this article, I browsed several listings and found out that many do indeed mention it.One listing said, “A limited number of graduate assistantships are available for qualified students.” You would then want to check out the websites of the individual academic programs and the graduate school pages.For example, if you are interested in an athletics administration assistantship, you could check out the NACDA website, and discover the listings they have for Graduate Assistantships related to collegiate athletic administration. Each industry and interest area will have different websites of value to your search.Just like the individual programs, you need to start keeping track of application deadlines and materials needed for the assistantships.You should start by searching through the literature you have at your disposal on the program and institution.Does their Grad information page list that assistantships are available?


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