Good Hook Sentences For Essays

Also, get to understand the kind of information they are looking for or if they are interested in solving a problem.

Writing down what your audience wants makes it easier to come up with a great hook sentence.

Finally, it is important to consider what your audience should take away from your writing.

It could be that you want them to believe in love or question the reality of life, or you want them to be better informed on a particular subject matter.

It could be that you want them to get motivated, interested in your life story or feel frightened.

The main idea here is to write an essay that reflects the type of feelings you want to relay to your audience.

If you are writing an essay on nuclear warheads, it's highly advisable that you start with a chilling statistic.

That aside, you still need to ask yourself how your audience feel.

You should not just write a hook sentence because it sounds great, then switch off to a different topic. Similarly, when it comes to writing argumentative essays, your hook needs to reflect the argument of your essay.

A sweet and romantic anecdote is perfect if your sentence is inclined to a love story.


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