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Modernist believes that the relevance of these sites may have lost due to the widespread impacts of modernisation such that many do not recognise the value of these sites.Hence, making it meaningless to hold on to the cultural and heritage sites.This book aims to deepen students’ skills in evaluation of arguments and opinions, promote extensive and independent reading, develop maturity of thought and encourage the application of critical reading and thinking skills.

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These can now be found archived here alongside ongoing and concluded series.

Parameters, a collection edited by the Digital Culture program, examines the question of how the production and distribution of knowledge is (and ultimate should be) changing under digital conditions.

Furthermore, if the memories the cultural and heritage sites hold negative memories to sites, it will only result in people getting consistently reminded of bad memories which does not bring any benefits to the country or its people.

Therefore, such historical sites have lost their relevance as they can be deemed a thing of the past that does not belong in the present or future.

features thematic essay collections that explore a broad range of areas of concern, including key terms, concepts, fields, and empirical zones of inquiry; the political economy of social knowledge production; changes in the landscape of higher education and the institutional ecology of social science research; the relationship between social knowledge and its uses; and more.

Before the present iteration of , the Council published occasional essay collections that addressed contemporary events and topics through a social science lens.The sense of identity that is gained from heritage sites not only will help to explain to others your identity but will help to understand yourself better.This intimate knowledge of self can lead you down the road of your ancestry's mistakes or to their great exploits.However, even if cultural and heritage sites are a thing of the past they can be of relevance as they create awareness about the cultural values the site brings.Moreover, the sites will allow us to understand more about the events that happened in the past and learn from the positive and negative impacts these sites have brought.On the other hand, there are those who disagree with this viewpoint, as there were continual efforts to sustain the relevance of cultural and heritage sites due its benefits it can bring.Given these polarising perspectives, this essay is more inclined to the view that cultural and heritage sites have not lost their relevance.Cultural and heritage sites have cultural, scientific or sentimental values that is legally protected by national treaties.However, there are ongoing debates on whether cultural and heritage sites have lost their relevance.From a historical perspective, cultural and heritage sites have lost their relevance as these sites hold memories of the past that may not hold any meaning in the present or future.As a result, the sites may end up being just unnecessary buildings that does not bring any value to anyone.


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