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Some courses in the Time Schedule have the notation, "OPTIONAL W COURSE." In these courses, the professor will explain the writing requirements for those students who wish to receive a W.Students who complete the additional requirements will receive Ws on their transcripts; the other students in the course will not.Many colleges and schools require more than seven credits, or specify what courses you can choose from.

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Some professors are not familiar with the W-course criteria; it is a good idea to print out the criteria below and take the list with you.

It is also possible for you and the professor to make an arrangement in which you alone will complete the extra work required to meet the W-course criteria.

Many students transfer courses which required enough writing to qualify as W courses.

A "W" usually means that a course requires either several short papers or a term paper with a required revision.

One of the most valuable skills you will develop at the University is the ability to communicate effectively through writing.

It is a skill that is universally valued by employers as well as graduate and professional programs, not to mention the instructors of your undergraduate courses.This is in addition to the 5-credit English Composition requirement.As the purpose of the W requirement is to build upon the English Composition courses, all writing for these credits must be done in the English language.Writing cultivates self-expression and it fosters your ability to explain complex ideas.To that end, you must complete at least seven credits of writing-intensive ("W") courses.Although you shouldn't wait until the last minute to meet the W-course requirement, it was originally intended that at least some of your writing-intensive courses should be courses in your major, providing you with writing instruction and practice in your chosen area of study.For most majors (including those in the College of Arts and Sciences, which requires 10 credits), writing courses may be any courses designated in the quarterly Time Schedule with the comment "Writing." For student in the College of Engineering, please see specific departmental requirements regarding additional writing.Work at improving your writing, and you will notice that your analytical and verbal communication skills also improve.A W course must require 10-15 pages of graded, out-of-class writing, in the form of a longer paper plus a revision Courses that count toward the additional writing requirement are available in a wide range of departments.If you think you have transferred a course that should count as a W course, consult your adviser.Postbaccalaureate students are not required to complete the additional writing requirement.


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