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Federal Liberal MP for La Trobe Jason Wood has been vocal about his concerns over the so-called Apex gang.

Federal Liberal MP for La Trobe Jason Wood has been vocal about his concerns over the so-called Apex gang.

By 1982, a study by Miller showed that an estimate 2,300 youth gangs, with 100,000 members, were found in 300 cities.

Multiple reasons for this increase have been presented, including the economy and growth of an urban underclass, crack cocaine and other drug trade, gang migration, and gang subculture in the popular media (Miller, 1980).

These youth groups or gangs, as they are commonly called, such as the Bloods, Crips, and Vice Lords have participated in many criminal and illegal acts that have plagued society.

They have been stereotyped with such negative names as bad kids, troublemakers, and many other mischievous names.

"According to Merton's strain theory, gang members are products of their society.

Different social classes have distinct styles of crime due to differential access to institutionalized means of achieving socially acceptable goals.Gang Deliquency Since the late 1800s, gangs have been in existence.These groups have had many negative effects on society for many years.There is little agreement on this issue except that it was most likely the result of several factors. Most gang related crimes are committed between members of opposing gangs, although innocent citizens are often hit by stray bullets.They may also be victims of gang crimes such as robbery, burglary, and auto theft.Among the issues the inquiry is considering is whether Australia should amend its laws to send back non-citizens under the age of 18.As the law stands, Australia does not deport minors.Gang members participate in all forms of criminal activity, either for personal or economic gain, for revenge against another gang, or out of hate for the victim.Crimes committed include, among others, assault with a deadly weapon, arson, grand theft, sale/possession of narcotics, and murder.And these members can be from anywhere from the ages of 8 to 30.With forty percent of gangs being juveniles, kids as young as eight years of age begin running errands for the leaders of the gang, this including girls of the gangs as well.


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