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When a fishbone diagram is used for simply categorizing possible causes, then instead of listing Dropping in the place of a primary cause, it might be listed under the sub-category Improper Handling, with Dropping and Throwing as different causes that fit under that sub-category.The following example shows the sub-categories highlighted.Due to its simplicity, the diagram is often drawn on a white board during a brainstorm session.

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Fishbone Diagrams (also known as Ishikawa Diagrams) can be used to answer the following questions that commonly arise in problem solving: What are the potential root causes of a problem?

What category of process inputs represents the greatest source of variability in the process output?

You can reference the information on this page using an inline text link, or something similar to the following citation: - Wittwer, J.

W., "Fishbone Diagram / Cause and Effect Diagram in Excel," From Vertex42

This diagram is used in process improvement methods to identify all of the contributing root causes likely to be causing a problem.

The Fishbone chart is an initial step in the screening process.

Although not angled like most fishbone diagrams, this template is very simple to edit and customize (as opposed to constantly moving and aligning text boxes and arrows).

The purpose of a cause and effect analysis is to identify the causes, factors, or sources of variation that lead to a specific event, result, or defect in a product or process.

It gets its name from the fact that the shape looks a bit like a fish skeleton.

A fish bone diagram is a common tool used for a cause and effect analysis, where you try to identify possible causes for a certain problem or event.


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