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For example, you do not have to compromise on money issues. I'm quite used to follow their plans and enjoy the trip.You can choose what you want to do and it can also be a good opportunity to meet new people, especially when staying in hostels. It can be lonely and, sometimes, dull with no one to talk to. Personally, I prefer traveling alone, I can't really enjoy it in a chatty mood......Our Magazine is written by young people from the UK.

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It is rightly said, “Friends are the family we choose ourselves”.

It's also good to go on holiday with your friends if you're really close with them. The reason is that if you have your friends you feel more relaxed and you are not alone because if you are alone you don't feel very happy. If you travel alone, I think, travel will be boring. Traveling with different people gives you different experiences and variety of emotions, In my case i always travel with my parents i like to travel with them mostly, I have good experience of travel with both family and friends.

On the other hand your family will have a programm which I am sure that nobody like it. When your in a group of friends you can enjoy a lot but for sure you waste plenty of time, we can't control them, for example, one friend want to go one place and others want to go different place and there we have lot of discrepancies.

Small kids develop friendship faster and enjoy the company of their friends. Friends are important for their proper growth and development.

As teenagers, friends become all the more important for us.A few years later I'm sure that my parents will let me go to holiday with my friends because now I'm too young. There probably won't be anyone that I can talk to because I'm bad at meeting new people and I simply don't know how to start a conversation.I'm also sure that I'll never go on holiday alone. I think that it's best to go on holiday with your parents. But I think you can't keep yourself free with family.It is as important to have friends as it is to have a family.Good friends help, guide and support us at every stage.Of course, sometimes I like holidays with other people. (Something that with my family don’t hapent ) personally,i want to travel with my is great time for our family understand each other more.because my family hardly express our feeling,emotion and many things!but sometimes i also want to travel alone.properly it is a surpising trip!One friend told me that both she and her sister were in tears after arguing on holiday … Not everybody in the family wants to do the same things. Travelling with family can be very cheap or even free, though, if parents pay.In my own family, Dad always wants to go to a museum, Mum and Sister want to shop, and I want to go to a coffee shop. Holidays with friends are not usually as cheap but money always plays an important role.It is normal for everyone to have different budgets and there needs to be a lot of compromise, from where you stay, to where you eat. Nonetheless, travelling with friends can be incredible fun.When on holiday with friends you do different things than you do with family. In my family we aré united and a bit have the same years.


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