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What`s more is that research papers consist of a number of sections and if you aren`t able to complete even a single one of them appropriately, you are bound to fail in the entire paper.The introduction is not only one of these sections, but it is at the heart of making or breaking your paper.The Correct Way: “The current trends in the consumption of digital movies should be changed due to the high price that movie-makers and actors are paying as a result of web pirating.

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The skill of coming up with a research paper introduction is one of the most technical things that a student is required to master during his/her college life.

This is mainly because writing academic papers, especially research papers, is a multi-dimensional process.

The Improper Way: “Digital downloading of movies online is a wrong practice that should be fought with everything we`ve got.” Such a thesis statement leaves myriads of questions unanswered.

Moreover, such a thesis statement is too precise and fails to showcase your topic`s controversy.

One of the most ingenious ways of coming up with a remarkable research paper is beginning by writing the other research paper sections such as the body and conclusion followed by finalizing with the introduction.

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The rationale behind doing so is that it will assist you to put the finger on some of the primary points and thus enable you to add them to your introduction.Lastly, for you to confirm whether you have created an up-to-standard thesis statement, you ought to check whether it is debatable or not.This means that your thesis statement must make your readers argue against or for your thesis statement.To start with, it is crucial for us to note that thesis statements are points that have to be defended.This is because, after declaring a thesis statement, it undoubtedly propels some form of conflict hence making people to differ in their opinions as well as making them choose sides.If the topic was something like, "How is digital downloading influencing the global film industry?", below are some examples of what thesis statements should look like and some of how they shouldn`t.We have also brought to light the point that the movie industry is facing a devious enemy in the form of web pirates.This, in turn, makes the research paper`s readers begin thinking that the rest of my paper will have arguments tailored against web pirating and illegal movie downloads.In reality, there is no entirely terrible phenomenon nor is there a totally great one.This is the point at which your thesis statement must step in, and work to show your readers the reality of the topic being discussed.


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