Example Of Conceptual Framework In Research Proposal

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Every researcher brings his own biases to the project.

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(We will not address APA style, grammar, headings, etc.

If you are interested in help with the research design or nature of the study, please register for the methodology drop-in by clicking here).

First and foremost, you should identify and describe your selected theory or theories.

This information should consist of the author(s) of the theory and details regarding the original study, such as the population, purpose, and results.

Take the same objective approach to analyzing your own research.

Any potential biases could threaten the results of your work.Professor Roger Vaughan of Bournemouth University compares the conceptual framework to planning a vacation.Before you plan your own itinerary, you look at guidebooks to learn about the most important places to see and the best hotels. A conceptual framework uses previous research to determine a theory and methodology for a current research project.Providing this information will help you to highlight why the theory you have selected is valid for use in your study, and will make it easier for you to demonstrate how the theory relates to your own study.Once you’ve introduced and discussed your selected theory in the Theoretical Foundation section of your literature review, you need to outline why the theory is relevant to your study and how you will use the information from it to conduct and evaluate your research and findings.One of the ways it does that is to show you the gaps in the current research.For example, if you set out to study the link between prenatal nutrition and depression, you may find that plenty of research has been done on how prenatal nutrition affects future depression in the child but not enough on how it affects depression in the mother.Yosef Jabareen writes in the "International Journal of Qualitative Methods" that a conceptual framework isn't designed simply to collect hard facts but rather to determine the "soft interpretation of intentions." You may find that previous research overlooked important questions because it made assumptions based on other established research.Or you may find that researchers omitted key data because the data didn't fit with their established hypothesis.During these sessions, students can get answers to introduction to the problem, background of study, statement of the problem, purpose of the study, and theoretical framework.Questions may also involve title searches, literature review, synthesis of findings, gap and critique of research.


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