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Many of these feature in the Nottingham Economic Review.Below are some examples of the excellent work produced by some of our students.But a poorly constructed title can also mislead the reader into thinking the study is about something it is not, confusing them from the very start.

Many of these feature in the Nottingham Economic Review.

The dissertation title is your first opportunity to let the reader know what your dissertation is about.

With just a few words, the title has to highlight the purpose of the study, which can often include its context, outcomes, and important aspects of the research strategy adopted.

A pop-up window appears when the template is first opened that allows you to fill in all the required information, including your official name, committee members' names, and title of your document.


You’ll need to find many reliable theoretical sources on which to base your investigation.

You will also need to conduct your own tests and experiments.Targeting sleep for cognitive enhancement: a dream or reality?How close are we to a treatment for spinal cord injury? Mother infant relationships form the bedrock of all mammalian social behaviour Are there genes for behaviour? The role of neural activity in nervous system development.The nature and treatment of cognitive deficits in schizophrenia Is evil innate?Psychopharmacology versus cognitive therapy in depression The concept of core cognitive deficit in schizophrenia Metabolic and circulatory adaptations enabling enhanced muscle growth in body builders Glucocorticoids and the treatment of infant respiratory distress syndrome The role of NGF in CNS injury The neurobiology of placebo analgesia Prenatal and postnatal consequences of nephron deficit The relation of Guyton's model of the circulation to our understanding of cardiac failure The role of thyroid hormones in fetal maturation of the CNS The role of maternal diet in determining future susceptibility to type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome Tympanic hearing in terrestrial vertebrates Hypothyroidism: its long and short term effects on the fetus The physiological risks of ultra-endurance events Astrocytes in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis - friend or foe?This web page contains instructions on how to achieve the official SHSU title page formatting for both template and non-template users.The university's template provides a pre-formatted title page for you to use.Finally, since your dissertation title should follow a specific written style, which explains when to capitalise words, which words to capitalise, how to deal with quotation marks, abbreviations, numbers, and so forth, we provide some guidance in our article on STYLES.Students in the School of Economics at the University of Nottingham consistently produce work of a very high standard in the form of coursework essays, dissertations, research work and policy articles.The title page is the very first page in your document.SHSU theses and dissertations all maintain a consistent and official "look" that reflects the university's standards.


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