Ethics Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

Ethics Corporate Social Responsibility Essay-54
Many corporations work on prosocial endeavors and share that information with their customers and the communities where they do business.CSR, when conducted in good faith, is beneficial to corporations and their stakeholders.

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It can be framed as a response to the backlash corporations face for a long track record of harming environments and communities in their efforts to be more efficient and profitable. Charles Dickens wrote about the effects of the coal economy on nineteenth-century England and shaped the way we think about the early industrial revolution.

The twentieth-century writer Chinua Achebe, among many others, wrote about colonization and its transformative and often painful effect on African cultures.

There is a growing awareness that human actions can, and do, harm the environment.

Destruction of the environment can ultimately lead to reduction of resources, declining business opportunities, and lowered quality of life.

When they are successful at acting in a socially responsible way, corporations will and should claim credit.

In acting according to the TBL model and promoting such acts, many corporations have reinvested their efforts and their profits in ways that can ultimately lead to the development of a sustainable economic system.

If increasing wealth damages the environment or makes people sick, society demands that the corporation revise its methods or leave the community.

Society, businesses, and governments have realized that all stakeholders have to work for the common good.

Are they making a profit, staying solvent, or falling into debt?

That is the customary bottom line, but Elkington suggests that businesses need to consider not just one but rather three measures of their The TBL concept recognizes that external stakeholders consider it a corporation’s responsibility to go beyond making money.


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