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Other ways to resolve the negative effects of stress on the health of a person are proper diagnosis and effective management methods.The Effects on Health in Different Stages of Life To fight the effects of stress on health, proper diagnosis is important which can be undertaken though clinical methods and through assessment of the different stressors.

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The said effect hinders the process of healing and can risk more infection, a condition which is evident in people with prolonged or severe diseases (Coon and Mitterer, 2008, p.432). The average peak heart rate was 90 bpm with the range of 75-90 bpm.

There is also an evident difference in the cortisol level during a stressful situation compared to baseline levels (Regehr, Le Blanc, Jelley, Barath and Daciuk, 2007, p.679).

Physical Stress Physical stress occurs due to over physical work/activity and it is very common in adults. This part of the book is very informative about positive stressors.

Most importantly, physical stress effects regularly on many body joints changes and will create pain in your later life. The authors affirm that there are a lot of good things happening in our routine that can produce stress.

Included in the examples of stressors are threats to well-being such as injury or death.

The factor of unpredictability and pressure can also lead to stress.

In the study by Regehr and colleagues, biological indicators of stress had been the main focus.

Parameters such as cortisol level and heart rate are known indicators of stress.

The changing lifestyles and other external environmental factors such as economic depression, unemployment, etc., are further contributing to the rise and prevalence of the illness.

According to statistics approximately 40 million adults in the U. aged 18 and older suffer from anxiety disorders (AADA, 2011).


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