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On page 58 of the book, an important passage leaves alert readers with memorable imagery - for some it relates back to their youth, and for others it builds up something that was perhaps left out of their youth - to discuss in class or with a fellow student on the back patio.

Nel and Sula are playing together in a rather erotic but wholly innocent moment, and Fulton's take on that scene is that Morrison is emulating Virginia Woolf's Mrs. In Woolf's book, women do become involved in homosexual activities.

Here is a lesson in the fact that people are products of their environments; they are not necessarily products of their cultures, but of their immediate environments. How does Morrison use history to portray her stories and her characters?

Hannah had sex, casual quick sex, with men all the time, and Sula saw that and figured, hey, that's how it works. How did Morrison become known as one of the premier African-American authors in America?

Her fiction is noted for its poetic language, lush detail, emotional intensity, and sensitive observation of American life as viewed from a variety of African-American perspectives.

Common types of primary sources include works of literature, historical documents, original philosophical writings, and religious texts.

It concerns a middle-class man who achieves self-knowledge through the discovery of his rural black heritage.

Her first novel, (1977; National Book Award) established her as one of America's leading novelists.

[and as a result] black folk have to live with the contradictions..repressing or closeting any other sexual/erotic urges, feelings or desires." Those repressed urges notwithstanding, Collins asserts that "..Black women are affected by the widespread controlling image that African-American women are promiscuous, potential prostitutes." Toni Morrison does little to debunk the myths mentioned above, but of course that is not the novelist's job. Critic Marilyn Sanders Mobley -- in Toni Morrison's Pulitzer Prize winning novel, Beloved (Morrison), based loosely on a real life experience of a Cincinnati area former slave, mirrors her own journey from her early life living in a segregated South to her moving to a more racially friendly Lorain, Ohio (Reinhardt).

On pages 145-146, with Sula apparently on her deathbed, "her face glisten[ing] with the dew of fever," Sula launches into a nasty, albeit brilliantly twisted soliloquy: After all the old women have lain with the teen-agers; when all the young girls have slept with their old drunken uncles; after all the black men ***** all the white ones; when all the white women kiss all the black ones; when all the guards have raped all the jailbirds and after all the whores make love to their grannies; after all the faggots get their mother's trim; when Lindbergh sleeps with Bessie Smith and Norma Shearer makes it with Stepin Fetchit; after all the dogs have *****ed all the cats and every weathervane on every barn flies off the roof to mount the hogs..there'll be a little love left over for me." Critic Biman Basu, writing in College Literature (Basu, 1996), notes that that the paragraph above represents the language genius of Morrison, as the passage presents "a bizarre coupling of crime and punishment, of criminals and the custodians of culture, or of law and lawlessness." These eight units, Basu asserts, "transgress sexual boundaries in their movement toward homosexuality and incest." But the last unit is "most spectacular in its embodiment of the grotesque," according to Basu's interpretation. Her life in Lorain was free of many of the prejudices that would have been present if she had remained in the South but she Morrisons PLC In the UK, Morrisons PLC is one of the largest grocery store chains with the company serving over nine million customers at their 400 retail stores.


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