Essays On Humanism During The Renaissance

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Humanism of the renaissance period was the predominant movement that revolutionized philosophical, intellectual, and literary customs.It first originated in Italy during the fourteenth century and eventually spread to other major areas in Europe such as Greece.

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However, it is not completely warranted to believe that individualism was wholly beneficial to people.

However, the fact remains that individualism went against the “sovereignty of tyrant, feudal lord, class, corporation, and tradition” (Kreis) has had a tremendous influence upon the subsequent history of Europe.

With individualism, European society began to question implicit obedience to the church and instead, viewed the matter with a more secular approach.

Humanist philosophy caused an increase in emphasis on education and led to extended education in the arts, philosophes, and sciences that resulted in a boom in scientific and technological progress during the renaissance.

Finally, the ideas of humanism would not have spread like it did without the use of the printing press, which was invented by a man named Johannes Gutenberg in 1445.

Previously, bookmaking entailed copying word-by-word and all the illustrations by hand.

One of the most important changes humanism introduced was a secular viewpoint of history; this was done so by endorsing a nonreligious perspective on history.

Humanism not only ended the dominance of the church, but it also eventually had a profound impact on everyday life, especially education.

As a result of the tedious labour, the price was often very expensive.

With the advent of Gutenberg’s printing press, books could be produced much quicker and with relatively little effort, which made bookmaking much less expensive, allowing more people to buy reading material.


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